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Marketing Plan

The third building block in The Strategic Marketing Playbook is the Marketing Plan. It's a roadmap for delivering results, including tools to track and analyze marketing effectiveness. Learn more below!

Marketing Plan Deliverables

  1. Business Inputs 
    • Business priorities, initiatives, assumptions, source of business analysis, desired outcomes and metrics
  2. Priorities & KPIs  
    • How marketing will deliver the business goals by moving people through the funnel and key metrics that help measure effectiveness of the priority activities
  3. Annual Calendar 
    • Visual representation of what you will communicate across all channels over time
  4. Budget 
    • Estimated costs to deliver the marketing plan, broken out by month and type of expense
  5. KPI Tracker & Dashboard 
    • Tracks & displays marketing KPIs in a visual way to give a new real-time view into how your marketing efforts are performing
  6. Marketing Research & Insights Plan 
    • Plan to gain the required information and insight about the market, upcoming trends, customers, stakeholders, employees, etc.

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Communication Strategy

The second building block of The Strategic Marketing Playbook is the Communication Strategy. This is a roadmap for delivering messages to your audiences.  Learn more below!

Communication Strategy Deliverables

  1. Experience Principles 
    • Set of statements that act as guiding principles for how you live out your values in your interactions between a customer and an organization
  2. Journey Map 
    • A visual way to show people's interactions with your brand throughout the journey
  3. Audiences 
    • The specific people you are communicating with throughout the journey
  4. Message Strategy 
    • The promise and secret sauce translated to a set of key points or messages that act as a blueprint for all materials and people communicating
  5. Channel Strategy 
    • What you communicate, to whom and in which channel
  6. Style Guide 
    • A document that defines, describes and presents examples of what your brand will look like so that it is always consistent

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Brand Strategy

The first step in building your Strategic Marketing Playbook is your brand strategy. It defines what you want to stand for in the minds of others. There are seven deliverables that make up a brand strategy.  Learn more about them below!

Brand Strategy Deliverables

1. Why Your Brand Exists

  • Besides making things or providing services, what difference is your brand trying to make in the world?

2. Ideal Target

  • People who have similar needs and are likely to be interested in buying from you and you really want to serve

3. Brand & Naming Architecture

  • A way you organize and structure the brands and names of products and services so that customers can easily understand what is being offered

4. Promise & Secret Sauce

  • What you "promise" to do that will make your ideal target's life better and the ways and proof that you are better/different vs competition (4-5)

5. Brand Story

  • The story of how you guide your customer through challenges to success

6. Competitive Position

  • Simple graph known as a competitive position map that plots your offerings against the competition for any two parameters that customers value

7. Personality

  • Your brand looks, sounds and feels like this in every communication, as if the brand was a person

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The Strategic Marketing Playbook

The Strategic Marketing Playbook consists of 4 integrated building blocks that your team implements to help you win in the market.  They consist of Brand Strategy, Communication Strategy, Marketing Plan, and Marketing Leadership. Each building block includes specific deliverables. 

4 Building Blocks of The Strategic Marketing Playbook

  1. Brand Strategy 
    • Why Your Brand Exists
    • Ideal Target
    • Brand & Naming Architecture
    • Promise & Secret Sauce
    • Brand Story
    • Competitive Position
    • Personality
  2. Communication Strategy 
    • Experience Principles
    • Journey Map
    • Audiences
    • Message Strategy
    • Channel Strategy
    • Content Calendar
    • Style Guide
  3. Marketing Plan 
    • Business Inputs
    • Priorities & KPI's 
    • Calendar
    • Budget
    • KPI Tracker & Dashboard 
    • Market Research and Insights Plan
  4. Marketing Leadership 
    •  Marketing "Quarterback"
    • Organizational Structure
    • Individual Development Plans
    • Skill Development
    • Hiring and Resourcing
    • Coaching