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How To Organize Your Marketing Spending

Follow the steps below to organize your marketing spending.

Current Marketing Spending & Estimated Budget Steps 

1. Ask Accounting for 12 months of spending associated with marketing. 

2. Categorize the spending with the below categories in column A (change the categories if necessary) 3. Type in the current spending by category in column B.

4. If you want to create an estimated budget, fill out column D.

5. In the notes column, add any specifics on how you allocated the spending.

6. If you want to calculate the budget as percent of total brand revenue, add your brand's total revenue to B21.

Define Your Brand’s Personality

We created a process to help you define your brand's personality using Jennifer Aaker's "Dimensions of Brand Personality." Check out the overview and steps below:

What is a Brand Personality?

How your brand looks, sounds and feels, as if the brand was a person.

  • Makes the brand more human and unique
  • Best ones are instantly recognizable and relatable

How It Helps

  • Differentiates you versus competitors
  • Human characteristics build brand awareness
  • Human relatedness increases brand loyalty

How It’s Used

  • Inspiration and guidelines for anyone who creates messages, visuals, videos, experiences, etc. for the brand
  • Helps the brand stay consistent

Brand Personality Framework 

There are 5 Dimensions with Several Personality Attributes for Each Dimension

  • Sincerity
  • Excitement
  • Competence
  • Sophistication
  • Ruggedness

How to Define Your Brand's Personality

  • Choose one primary dimension - choose a secondary if needed
  • Select attributes from the dimensions ~4 characteristics and behaviors
  • Write a statement with the attributes
  • Once the personality is defined, brands choose "markers" that can become tied to the brand
    • Look - logo, colors, fonts, photography, etc. 
    • Sound- voice, music, etc. 
    • Scent - aroma
    • Touch & feel - shape, design
    • Actions - movements, behaviors

Watch the video here. 

Download the tool here.