Journey Map & Journey Map Calendar View Overview

What Is a Journey Map?

  • It is a visual way to show your Ideal Target’s interactions with your brand throughout the journey.
  • It identifies what your Ideal Target is thinking and what the person wants at each step.
  • It identifies what the brand wants and how we should interact with the Ideal Target.
  • The stages are the same as the funnel from the Marketing Plan and Channel Strategy, just described from both the Ideal Target’s point of view as well as the brand.
  • Complete a map for each Ideal Target or subgroups within your Ideal Target who have different journeys.

Example Journey Map

What is a Journey Map Calendar View?

  • Add Seasonality with a Journey Map – Calendar view if it’s relevant for your Ideal Target.

Example Journey Map Calendar View

Watch the Journey Map & Journey Map Calendar View video here

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