Building Our Community by Fueling Your Growth.

Our Purpose & Values

Why us? Good question. We believe what you're doing is important for our region. Your dedication to your employees and our communities creates positive change in families’ lives.

Our Purpose: To build our community by fueling mid-market company growth.

Our Promise: Build your marketing confidence and capability

How We Started

CMO-OnLoan was inspired by conversations with mid-market business leaders in Dayton, Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. We saw firsthand their dedication to their companies, employees, and communities. This type of leadership is the cornerstone of business growth and positive change, and we wanted to be a part of it.

These business leaders realized that to get to the next level they needed to apply the same principles as large companies, but they often didn't have the resources to do that. They were looking for someone they could trust who had the expertise they needed but was also a strong cultural fit with their organization.

Quite simply, we want to help mid-market companies in our region by providing marketing expertise that they need to build on their success.

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The CMO-OnLoan®  Team

CMO-OnLoan is powered by a team of marketing professionals with decades of combined business
growing and award-winning work.

Amy Connor

Amy Newkirk 

Kathy Drury

Kim Gaebelein
Nicole Byrnes
Scolastica Gitonga

Our Values:

  • Practical vs. theoretical
  • Business impact vs. just marketing activities
  • Momentum now vs. perfection later
  • Empowering you vs. depending on us 
  • Collaborative partner vs. transactional supplier
CMO and marketing team

Quite simply, we want to help mid-market companies in the Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky area by providing the focus and tactical execution guidance they need to build on their success.

One of the ways we accomplish this is by tapping into a vast network of product, functional, technical, and category experts. With these resources at our fingertips, you can be sure that you will have the right people at the table to meet your unique business needs.

Clients We've Served


What Clients Are Saying

CMO-OnLoan’s guidance, expertise and insight were invaluable in this process. They helped guide my thinking and enabled me to put the vision into communications that the boards and community leaders understand and want to support.

Sherry Taylor, MADE Chamber CEO

CMO-OnLoan identified and created ways to measure
success and enabled the team to identify who owns the tracking
and sharing throughout the organization so we’re all on the same page.

Nicole Luisi, R&D Director of Aileron