Communication Strategy

The second building block of The Strategic Marketing Playbook is the Communication Strategy. This is a roadmap for delivering messages to your audiences.  Learn more below!

Communication Strategy Deliverables

  1. Experience Principles
    • Set of statements that act as guiding principles for how you live out your values in your interactions between a customer and an organization
  2. Journey Map
    • A visual way to show people’s interactions with your brand throughout the journey
  3. Audiences
    • The specific people you are communicating with throughout the journey
  4. Message Strategy
    • The promise and secret sauce translated to a set of key points or messages that act as a blueprint for all materials and people communicating
  5. Channel Strategy
    • What you communicate, to whom and in which channel
  6. Style Guide
    • A document that defines, describes and presents examples of what your brand will look like so that it is always consistent

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