Easiest Marketing Win #4: Create Useful and Relevant Content That Engages and Educates Your Target Audience

To successfully engage and educate your target audience, you must create content that resonates. But this can be hard – to ONLY share relevant, helpful, and interesting content requires a lot of marketers. 

First, you’re required to deeply know your Ideal Target (see Easiest Win #1) – their priorities, their pains, and their desires. 

Second, you’re required to stay disciplined about keeping your customer as the hero. When your content is focused only on your company and not on your customers’ problems (and how you guide your hero, not take over being the hero), then you are being self-serving, not helpful. 

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Third, you are required to resist the urge (or direction from others) to make price or promotion the centerpiece of your communications. Price and promotion have a role in marketing, but if you are predominantly communicating about price, you can be sure your content isn’t helpful or interesting. 

It is no small thing to ask a person to spend time with the content you create. Before you approve and send any piece of content, ask yourself:

Is it relevant?

Is it helpful?

Is it interesting? 

If the answer is no, then head back to the drawing board. If the answer is yes, then your rewards will include more engaged users, improved SEO, and higher trust and credibility among your audience. 

Follow these steps to get a better response to your emails.

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