How To Build Brand Awareness

Build Brand Awareness:


The customer is "unengaged" at this point in the journey. People are thinking about other things and aren't paying attention to your category or to your brand. The role is to stay top of mind and build preference so that when people enter the category they are more likely to consider your brand.


1. Consistently communicate so people will see/hear your brand message multiple times and in a variety of channels over time.
2. Focus on brand-building messaging vs. activation (promotion). Use messages that help people emotionally connect with your brand.

Marketing Channels:

TV, Video, Print, PR/Media interviews, Social, Radio, Podcasts, E-mail, Webinars, Out of Home, Events, Speaking, Digital PPC (Adwords & Display), Storefront, Office Front, Sponsorships, Blogs, Affiliates, Review sites.

Primary Metrics:

# Impressions, # Post Impressions, # Tweet Impressions, # Attendees

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