How to Increase Brand Interest

Increase Brand Interest:


The customer is interested in your category at this point in the journey and they are considering their options between you and your competitors. This is usually a time of research and information gathering. The role is to convey "why you" and give clear information that compels them to choose you over your competition. 


1. Be present in those places where your customers are doing their research.

2. Focus on messaging that helps people understand why they should choose your brand.

3. Focus on getting them to take an active step towards you (free trial, request a demo, call for details)

Marketing Channels:

Website, SEO, Targeted PPC, Social Posts, Social Ads, Webinars, E-mail, Online Ratings & Reviews, Centers of Influence, Sales Outreach, Referrals

Primary Metrics:

# Followers, # Visitors, CTR %

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