Lead Planning Tool

If you want to increase your sales, start by tracking your leads by their source. This allows you to estimate how many leads you need from each source to deliver your goals. Download our lead planning tool and follow the steps below.

Download the Lead by Lead Source Planning Tool and Follow These Steps:

1. Type your goal for # of new clients.
2. Type your sales team’s average close rate (use what they consider a person/company worth exploring further to when they make the sale).
3. In the excel sheet, the number of “Qualified Leads” will calculate in cell B22.
4. Type each Lead Source in column “A”.
Some examples include: Referral partners, client referrals, lists, events, digital marketing (SEO, paid ads, social), etc.
5. Type the % estimate for how many leads come from each Lead Source in column “B”
6. Column “C” will calculate how many “Qualified Leads” you need from each Lead Source
7. Column “D” will calculate how many new clients you could gain from each Lead Source
8. Add any notes in column “E”
9. In the excel sheet, B22 and C37 should be the same number

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