What is “Brand Architecture”?

Ever wondered how organizations decide on their logos, especially in relationship to the other brands in the organization? They are probably following a brand architecture. It's just a way that the brands are organized so people know what is being offered. But its simplicity is powerful. Having a brand architecture gives you guidelines that will help you across all of your communications. When followed well, it makes building brands much easier and more efficient.

Here are a few things to consider about brand architecture. 

  1. Brand architecture is a part of CMO-OnLoan's brand strategy building block. This means that it's something you decide on and use as a filter for decisions for several years.
  2. There are three types of brand architecture:  
    1. Branded House
    2. Hybrid
    3. House of Brands
  3. Once you define which type you want to use, then review all of your materials and communications to make sure that they're consistent.

To learn more, we've created a video that will go into more detail. 

Click here to watch our video on Brand Architecture. 

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