What is “Naming Strategy”?

Naming strategy can be defined as using names in from a company's portfolio to simply convey what is offered, including brands, products, and services.  It's important to create this structure so that the brand is distinctive, easy to say and spell, appropriate, and most importantly, likable. 

Tesla, as shown above, is an example of a strong naming strategy. It's very clear the names of the brands, products, and services that the company offers and what falls under the name Tesla. 

To develop a naming strategy for your brand, it can be done in 6 specific steps:

  1. Develop criteria for what you want.
  2. Document and categorize your current names.
  3. Benchmark others for inspiration.
  4. Identify any gaps.
  5. Develop options.
  6. Get feedback, refine & finalize.

A good naming strategy is also simple, but can be evolved to meet needs, includes names that make sense in relation to each other, includes names within a consistent type of name, and makes it easy to create names for new offerings. To learn more about naming strategy, watch our in depth video where we walk you through the details and explain why it's important for your brand.

Click here to watch our step-by-step video.

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