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How to Analyze Competitors on LinkedIn

How to Compare Your Company Page to Competitors on LinkedIn

  1. Navigate to your company’s admin page

      2. Click on the “Analytics” tab in the navigation bar

     3. Select “Competitors” from the dropdown menu

     4. Review the companies selected for accuracy, or add known competitors by searching the company name in the search bar.  Your account can have up to 9 competitors.

     5. Select “Continue” and view the analytics landing page

     6. Review the dashboard to see how your company page ranks against competitors in # of followers and engagement. 

     7. Change the Time Range in the top left corner to see data from different time periods.

     8. Conduct the analysis every few months to stay in tune to your brand’s LinkedIn presence versus competition.

5 Steps to Jumpstart Your Marketing

  Wondering what to do to enhance your company’s marketing? Here are 5 tips to help you find success.


  • Create a content calendar with useful, relevant topics that you can share
  • Add dates to the calendar and hold yourself accountable for sending emails/posting on the dates you set
  • If possible, add more detailed content on a blog on your website and link the email and the LinkedIn post to the site.


  • Post on the company page once a week something useful and relevant (Tuesday or Wednesday morning is best)
  • Customer-facing employees “repost’

How to Repost on LinkedIn

    1. Scroll to the bottom of the post, choose “repost”
    2. Choose “share with your thoughts”
    3. Add a sentence or two in the box
    4. At the end of your sentence, type @Company Name and click on the company name to tag it
    5. Click “post” 


  • Create a database (We recommend only including people you know)
  • Create an account with free software like Mailchimp
  • Use the same content as LinkedIn – send once a week if you can (you might need to start once a month because emails take a little bit of extra work). 


  • Review your website homepage. Does it immediately answer this question for your Ideal Target: Do you provide what I need for people like me?  If not, update the homepage to answer the question.


  • Each post -How many impressions and what % engagement did you get?
  • Each email – How many people opened it? How many people clicked?