5 Steps to Jumpstart Your Marketing


Wondering what to do to enhance your company’s marketing? Here are 5 tips to help you find success.


  • Create a content calendar with useful, relevant topics that you can share
  • Add dates to the calendar and hold yourself accountable for sending emails/posting on the dates you set
  • If possible, add more detailed content on a blog on your website and link the email and the LinkedIn post to the site.


  • Post on the company page once a week something useful and relevant (Tuesday or Wednesday morning is best)
  • Customer-facing employees “repost’

How to Repost on LinkedIn

    1. Scroll to the bottom of the post, choose “repost”
    2. Choose “share with your thoughts”
    3. Add a sentence or two in the box
    4. At the end of your sentence, type @Company Name and click on the company name to tag it
    5. Click “post” 


  • Create a database (We recommend only including people you know)
  • Create an account with free software like Mailchimp
  • Use the same content as LinkedIn – send once a week if you can (you might need to start once a month because emails take a little bit of extra work). 


  • Review your website homepage. Does it immediately answer this question for your Ideal Target: Do you provide what I need for people like me?  If not, update the homepage to answer the question.


  • Each post -How many impressions and what % engagement did you get?
  • Each email – How many people opened it? How many people clicked?

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