External Resource Scope

Are you clear on what is needed from each External Resource you’re working with? How you know they are going to deliver what you need? Defining the scope and creating a brief for each one provides clear direction to that resource and is called an External Resource Scope. It is an outline of what you need from each of the External Resources you’re working with.

You can keep reading or check out the video to get started on your External Resource Scope.

Steps to Create Your External Resource Scope

  1. Review the Team Structure Inputs
  2. Define the Scope for Each External Resource
  3. Create an External Resource Brief for Each External Resource 

1. Review the Team Structure Inputs

The Team Structure describes how you will resource marketing, including the relationships between activities, leadership, and team members, both internally and externally. Read about Team Structure here.

2. Define the Scope for Each External Resource

Outline the objectives, deliverables, and capabilities for each External Resource, as demonstrated below.

3. Create an External Resource Brief for each External Resource

For each External Resource. Add the following:

  • Background Information (business, target audience, strategic focus, challenges, key messages, other marketing activities, etc.)
  • Budget (be specific about the time period the budget covers)
  • Timeline (kick-off to completion and key milestones)
  • Evaluation criteria, including;
    • Experience and capabilities
    • Category / Industry expertise
    • Size & service capability
    • Pricing
  • The process of how you will decide, including:
      • Who the final decision maker is
      • Number of meetings needed
For more information on how to create a Resource Plan, including the tools to get started, check out our Resource Plan Overview.

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