Guide to Help you Come Out of This Crisis with Momentum

There are always external factors that you can’t control. COVID-19 is just one we haven’t experienced before. No matter what factors you are facing, you can’t stay stagnant. Momentum is your biggest asset, and we encourage you to take advantage of this time to ensure you come out of this crisis with momentum.

We created this guide to help you!

1.      Before you do anything, get your thinking right

  • Your thinking drives your actions. Identify what thoughts you have right now and decide if you need to change them so that fear doesn’t drive your decisions.
  • Create a clear intention to be stronger on the other side of this and define what that looks like for you and your organization.

2.      Maintain momentum during the crisis

  • Look for ways to deepen relationships by helping current clients, former clients, prospects, communities, etc.
    • There is no better time to reach out to people to understand how they are impacted.
    • Use video if possible. It’s more personal and people don’t want to read more right now.
    • Ask them what help they might need right now.
    • Offer to help! It could be something simple like asking, “If I could connect you to one person, who could that be?”. Or it could be something more like modifying payment terms.
  • Defining success might be different during this time. Keep track of your actions and successes.

3.      Use this time to get better

  • Use this as a time to step back and evaluate your organization.
    • What’s working?
    • What could be improved?
    • What’s not working?
    • What are the gaps between now and your organization’s vision?
    • How can you close the gaps?
    • What resources do you need to make these things happen?
  • If your business model is less effective during this crisis, identify why and try a different approach.
  • What new opportunities could you take advantage of?

4.      Take control

  • Formalize it by documenting it!
  • Develop a clear action plan. Focus on “3 things” people can do each day so they feel in control.
  • Create a united effort by sharing the intention and action plan with your organization.
  • Make sure the action plan is visible. Put it in a place or places that you can all see it often.

5.      Act with discipline and purpose

  • Follow the action plan and hold each other accountable.
  • Track a few relevant trends, both internally and externally. Determine what shifts you should respond to instead of reacting to every change in the market.
  • Learn and enhance by reflecting on what actions you have taken, what response you are getting, and how you need to adapt your plan.

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