How Much Do You Really Know About Your Ideal Target?

You probably already know who your "favorite" or "ideal" customers are and why. But did you know that writing down details about them and what makes them "ideal" helps you and your entire team find more of them? Within the CMO-OnLoan Strategic Marketing Playbook, finding the Ideal Target falls under the Brand Strategy building block. Brand Strategy is when you define what you want to stand for in the minds of your customers.

The key questions to be asking yourself about your company in order to discover more about your Ideal Target are:

1. Why are they in your "sweet spot"?

2. What market or markets are they in?

3. What do they care about?

4. What is their buying process?

Finding your Ideal Target means identifying and describing the people/companies who have similar needs and are likely to be interested in buying from you. Once you get specific about your ideal target, you can create a plan to better serve them. Watch our video to learn how!

Click here for our step-by-step video.

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