How to Gain Commitment

Gain Commitment:


At this point in the customer journey, people are actively in the process of buying and trying to get through the process as easily and confidently as possible. The role is to grow the customer base and make it easy to “buy”. Create an easy and memorable buying experience that makes people feel confident throughout the process.


1. Identify and eliminate any points of friction in the buying process.

2. While spurring buyers to action, don’t annoy.

3. Provide useful, relevant and timely information to make the experience positive.

4. Show appreciation

Marketing Channels:

Website, In-office, In-store, Customer Set up Process, Customer Service, Implementation Teams, Social Posts, Social Ads, Online Ratings & Reviews, Centers of Influence, Sales Outreach

Primary Metrics:

# Qualified Leads, # Referrals, # COI’s Contacting

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