Marketing Action Plan

Many times, our clients are implementing marketing activities across several people and even multiple departments. One of the first things we do is help them get organized by creating what we call a "Marketing Action Plan." It helps the team and leaders see all of the activities being implemented and often helps them identify opportunities and gaps just by seeing it all in one place. Once we add the activities, we use the Marketing Action Plan consistently to keep projects on track. 

Why Use a Marketing Action Plan

  • Team Coordination and Accountability: The Marketing Action Plan includes columns for projects, activities, the date, person responsible, status, and notes, which helps each person and the team see what needs to be done and by when. The team members will need to explain the status at the meeting, so it helps each person be accountable for activities.  
  • Managing Team Capacity: By sorting activities by date and enabling team members to "check the box" when tasks are completed, the Marketing Action Plan helps keep you focused on activities that need to be completed in the timeframe indicated, aides with prioritization when there are too many activities scheduled for a period of time, and ensures the entire team understands the flow of work.
  • Adaptability: Talking through the Marketing Action Plan on a regular basis gives the team a chance to check status, address issues, and add activities based on the Marketing Plan and Calendar Overview, ensuring your marketing activities stay aligned with your strategy and goals.

How to Use the Marketing Action Plan

  1. Identify an owner to help keep the team on track.
  2. Use our Marketing Action Plan template if you need one. We like to use a spreadsheet because you can sort the activities and dates.
  3. Add all activities being completed, ensuring each task is specific enough to facilitate completion (can you "check the box" once it's finished?). 
  4. Sort by date so you can focus on the activities you need to complete in the next day or week. This also allows you to add activities that are further out without focusing on them immediately.
  5. Meet (weekly) with the team involved to check status, address issues, and add activities. During your meetings, also refer to the Calendar Overview, which will help you see the "bigger picture" and identify what activities need to be started now to implement the plan on an ongoing basis.

We have found this simple tool an effective way to keep ourselves and our team on track.  Using a Marketing Action Plan tool empowers your team to stay on track, collaborate effectively, and implement your marketing plan.

Download the Marketing Action Plan.

Learn more about the Marketing Plan.

Learn more about the Calendar Overview.

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