Past Customer Re-engagement Plan

You are missing out on growth opportunities (and "leaving money on the table") if you don't stay in touch with past customers! So how do you do it? Follow these simple steps to re-engage with past customers.

Re-engagement Plan Steps:

  1. Pull a list of past customers from the past 12-24 months.
  2. Outline the process and timeline of when you will call, email, send direct mail, etc. to that list.
  3. Implement your plan:
    1. Create the 1st email to remind the list of your capabilities and how you can help their business. 
    2. Create a call script for how to follow up with them
    3. Develop any creative needed for direct mail - case studies, personal note, gift, etc. 
  4. Track results with email open rate, responses, clicks, direct mail delivered, etc. 

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