Define Your Brand’s Personality

We created a process to help you define your brand’s personality using Jennifer Aaker’s “Dimensions of Brand Personality.” Check out the overview and steps below:

What is a Brand Personality?

How your brand looks, sounds and feels, as if the brand was a person.

  • Makes the brand more human and unique
  • Best ones are instantly recognizable and relatable

How It Helps

  • Differentiates you versus competitors
  • Human characteristics build brand awareness
  • Human relatedness increases brand loyalty

How It’s Used

  • Inspiration and guidelines for anyone who creates messages, visuals, videos, experiences, etc. for the brand
  • Helps the brand stay consistent

Brand Personality Framework

There are 5 Dimensions with Several Personality Attributes for Each Dimension

  • Sincerity
  • Excitement
  • Competence
  • Sophistication
  • Ruggedness

How to Define Your Brand’s Personality

  • Choose one primary dimension – choose a secondary if needed
  • Select attributes from the dimensions ~4 characteristics and behaviors
  • Write a statement with the attributes
  • Once the personality is defined, brands choose “markers” that can become tied to the brand
    • Look – logo, colors, fonts, photography, etc.
    • Sound- voice, music, etc.
    • Scent – aroma
    • Touch & feel – shape, design
    • Actions – movements, behaviors

Watch the video here. 

Download the tool here. 

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