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Industry Ranking Framework

Many clients ask us for help identifying the "next best" market/vertical/industry growth opportunity. They often have great insights, but they want a bit more objectivity and full team alignment. We created a framework to help you determine which "industries" (markets/verticals) to prioritize for growth. Here's the process.

  1. Create a list of all your current industries 
  2. Add current sales by industry and estimated total industry sales 
  3. Define and determine the weight of each criteria 
  4. If needed, research each industry 
  5. Rank industries based on criteria
  6. Prioritize industries based on the weighted ranking 

Use our framework to identify your "next best" opportunity. 

Event Strategy

The main objective of an event strategy is to ensure you are building awareness and connecting with the right people at any given event. Review our tool below to make the most of your next event.

Event Plan Outline

  • Before: If you receive a list from the association, reach out 5-7 days before the start of the event and post on social media and employees share the post.
  • During: Post on social media and have attending employees share the post.
  • After: Within 1 day of being home, reach out to contacts that you met and did not meet and schedule debrief meeting within 5 days of the event. Post on social media and employees share the post. 

Before the Event

  • Objective - set meetings with priority contacts (current clients/new clients)
  • Email & Social Plan:
    • Email: send 1 email 5-7 days before event
    • Social Post: 1 post 5-7 days before the event and employees share

During the Event

  • Objective - remind your audience that you are attending the event and want to talk
  • Social Plan: 1 social post during the event and employees share
  • EX- "The ITS team is set up and ready for the [name of show]. Stop by our booth [include #] and say hi!

After the Event

  • Objective - connect with and schedule a meeting or call with those you met and didn't meet
  • Email & Social Plan:
    • Email : 1 email the day after the event to those you met. 
    • Social Post: 1 post a week after the event and employees share 

Marketing Plan Overview & Priorities, Tactics & KPIs


  • The Marketing Plan Overview and Priorities, Tactics & KPIs are foundations of the Marketing Plan Building Block
  • They are critical for delivering business results and marketing return on investment (ROI) or payout
  • Marketing Plan Overview - description and visual that provides the background and overall marketing focus by funnel stage. 
  • Priorities, Tactics & KPIs - specifics on what marketing will do by funnel stage and how you will measure results

Marketing Plan Overview

  • Description and visual that provides the background and overall marketing focus by funnel stage
  • Business inputs and insights that are guiding the marketing plan
    • 3-5 inputs and insights from Discovery, Brand Strategy and Communication Strategy Building Blocks
  • Marketing Effort by Funnel Stage
    • Description - bullets with which funnel stages we will focus marketing efforts and why
    • Visual - a chart to show which funnel stages we will focus on 
    • Note - all funnel stages need some focus

Marketing Plan Overview - Example

  • Business inputs and insights that are guiding the marketing plan
    • Business goal is steady growth, managing current team capacity
    • Largest source of business is from relationships (current clients or COI referrals)
    • Most clients aren't active on social channels, attend some smaller events
  • Marketing Focus by Funnel Stage
    • Priority 1. Build Relationships. Stay proactively engaged with current and past clients
    • Priority 2. Increase Interest. Build our reputation and stay top-of-mind with our COI's 
    • Priority 3. Gain Commitment. Implement our business development process. 
    • Priority 4. Build Awareness. Simple, low investment channels

Priorities, Tactics & KPIs

  • Specifics on what marketing will do by funnel stage and how you will measure results
  • Components:
    • Priorities - the funnel stage priority (1, 2, 3, 4) and brief description of what you are focusing on from the Marketing Plan Overview
    • Tactics - 3-5 activities that support the priority - refer to the Channel Strategy
    • KPI's - metrics that measure effectiveness of the tactics - refer to the Channel Strategy 

Priorities, Tactics & KPIs Template

Priorities, Tactics & KPIs - Example

Content Calendar Template

Develop and manage your digital content by creating a content calendar. This is a great and simple way to brainstorm, plan and schedule your communications so you aren't rushing to create and post at the last minute. It also helps ensure you're communicating your key messages over time. We created a template to help you get started. 

Download the Content Calendar Template!

The first tab is the main content calendar. This is where you will manage all of your content by:

  • Date to post
  • Type of content
  • Email subject line 
  • Email content
  • LinkedIn/Facebook/Google Post
  • Blog Content
  • "Learn More" Link
  • Images
  • Additional links

The second tab is the Topic List which is essentially your idea bank. This allows you to brainstorm content ideas and keep them all in one place. When you are ready to develop and post the content, you can move it to the content calendar tab and cross it off the topic list.