How to Build Relationships

Build Relationships:


At this point in the customer journey, customers are actively using your products or services and they want things to work smoothly. They may become irritated or disengaged if things don’t go well or they could become advocates if they are delighted. The role is to build lasting relationships and keep interactions and relationships going. Handle any issues that arise quickly and always look for ways to delight. It is important to encourage loyalty and advocacy at this stage.


1. Demonstrate the appreciation by communicating, listening and providing tangible value.

2. Get feedback – frequently,  but without annoying.

3. Take care of any problems quickly, competently and completely.

Marketing Channels:

Email, Sales Calls/Meetings, Website, Social Posts & Communications, Customer Forums, Events, Sponsorships, Gifting, Webinars, Feedback Surveys, Appreciation Events

Primary Metrics:

# Contacts, Open Rate %, # Listens, # Views, # Transactions, # Visitors, # High Ratings, % Satisfied, High NPS

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